Our certified specialists are able to ensure and implement full project development, managing all construction processes, ensuring quality work at all stages of project implementation.


Our certified masons will build a private house, hangar or other building for you. We make masonry from all types of blocks and bricks. We perform the work in compliance with all the manufacturer's conditions and technologies.

Concreting works

Our masters will carry out the construction of foundations for buildings of various significance. We build foundations with formwork systems, reinforced concrete blocks and foundation blocks. We offer foundation waterproofing treatment and foundation insulation. We perform various molding and concreting works.

House construction

Responsible, honest, qualified masters will build your dream home, industrial or other building from the ground up. Also entrust the construction of your home to us.

Facade insulation

Our certified facade masters perform energy efficiency works on buildings, foam insulation of buildings and stone wool. We insulate buildings according to the requirements and technologies specified by the manufacturer.

Interior finishing works

Our professional and well-organized masters will perform a full interior decoration cycle in your premises. We perform plasterboard works, various types of ornaments and constructions from plasterboard, plastering of walls, puttying, painting, tiling and other finishing works.

Roof works

Our experienced roofers will perform roofing of various complexity and size. We perform the full construction of the roof load-bearing structure and the application of your chosen covering. Reconstruction of the old roof and replacement of the roof covering. As well as windshield installation, drainage system installation.



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