Industrial cold

Our refrigeration equipment meets the highest international standards, but the democratic pricing policy satisfies any customer's wishes. Our company has rich experience in the design and supply of refrigeration equipment, industrial refrigeration technology and energy efficient systems.

Refrigeration supply

Our refrigeration solutions include traditional air-cooled and refrigeration solutions for buildings, factories and special spaces such as data centers, freezers and hockey arenas.

Industrial refrigeration equipment

Design, installation, service of industrial refrigeration equipment

Cold rooms and doors

Delivery and installation of cold rooms, PVC curtains, air curtains for cold rooms and warehouses.

Ice generators

Today, ice generators have found the widest application in various fields related to production and food trade. One of the most common types of artificial ice in the food industry is scaly ice.

Blast chillers

Modern rapid (shock) freezing technology.

Sandwich panels

Wall and roof sandwich panels are used in the construction and renovation of industrial, public and commercial premises, such as production premises, warehouses and storage facilities, sports buildings, cold rooms, etc.



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